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Title: Comunicação de dados utilizando luz visível
Other Titles: Visible light communication
Keywords: Engenharia de telecomunicações;  Transmissão de dados usando luz visível;  VLC;  Smartlighting;  Telecommunication Engineering;  Data transmission using visible light;  VLC;  SmartLighting;  Engenharia de telecomunicação;  Comunicação de dados;  Diodo emissor de luz
Issue Date: 9-Feb-2012
Abstract: This document presents the technology known as Visible Light Communication (VLC). That technology encompasses the use of the light from ambient illumination, properly modulated, to transport data. Today that feat is possible due to enormous advances in LED technology. LEDs are becoming cheaper, more powerful and energetically efficient. That's why LEDs are replacing conventional lighting, in large scale, all over the World. Due to its characteristics, LEDs can be switched very fast to produce modulated light in high frequencies, allowing data transmission in high speed. The technology aims to address the growing need for energy savings and high speed network data transmission in the last mile, taking advantage of the ubiquity of the electrical power grid. In this work not only the fundamental aspects of the technology will be discussed but also the technical hurdles that must be addressed. Prototypes were developed to demonstrate that the technology is viable, it just need to be refined.
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