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Title: A competitividade da indústria de transformação de plásticos : um estudo de empresas fabricantes de embalagens no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Plástico;  Indústria;  Comércio;  Concorrência;  Competitividade;  Estratégia;  Embalagens;  Reciclagem
Abstract: This work aims to analyze how is the competition in the plastic packaging business in Rio de Janeiro, by studying both: in-company and external structural factors of competitivity, and identifying what are the bases of competitivity. At last, some challenges for competing in this business were identified. The conclusion of this work points out to an isolation of the plastic packaging manufacturers, represented by small and medium enterprises, as well as to great differences in performance and capability in human resources, management and production among the enterprises. In general, the research has revealed competitive deficiencies that should be overcome, so that the enterprises can survive to the tough competition. The results where analyzed considering the opportunity which the implementation of the petrochemical complex represents for building the new bases for an improved group competitivity and the growth of the plastic processing activities in Rio de Janeiro.
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