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Title: Desenvolvimento do código computacional para a simulação da recristalização em 3D pelo método do autômato celular
Keywords: Autômato celular;  Simulação por computador;  Recristalização
Issue Date: 15-Aug-2005
Abstract: The mechanical properties of the metallic materials are affected strongly by microstructure. Therefore, the control of the microstructural evolution during the recrystallization is important to optimize the mechanical properties of the material. With purpose of investigating the recrystallization evolution a code was developed to simulate the recrystallization by cellular automata method. In this work, the recrystallization simulation by cellular automata method in three dimensions was investigated. The simulated microstructural evolution was compared in details with mathematically exact analytical theories considering both kinetic and geometrical aspects. In this comparison expressions were used recently obtained to describe the interface evolution between recrystallized grains. Also the parameter of the contiguity was introduced. Very good agreement was observed between the cellular automata simulation and the theoretical results, for random nucleation by site-saturation. After the simulation comparison with the theoretical expressions, the cellular automata simulation of recrystallization in three dimensions was used to investigate the effects non-random distribution of nuclei on recrystallization. A special attention was given for the interface area per unit of volume between recrystallized grains and the contiguity. The obtained results confirm what Vandermeer showed recently in relation to the contiguity, that it is particularly relevant to detect deviations from randomness. This work focuses on recrystallization but its results can be applied the any nucleation and growth transformation.
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