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Title: Conversão à Baixa Temperatura de BLEND de Resíduos Industriais
Other Titles: Conversion to low the temperature of BLEND of industrial residues
Keywords: Resíduos Industriais;  Conversão à baixa temperatura;  Biomassa;  Combustível;  Industrial residues;  Conversion to low the temperature;  Biomass;  Fuel;  Resíduos - Processamento
Abstract: A mixture of compatible wastes that generates a homogeneous product with physical-chemical characteristics in a constant rate independent of the blended wastes. Warrant to the final client, the ciment industries, a constant alternative combustible or alternative raw material without physical-chemical variations, what could affect the produced ciment quality. Formation of new alternative combustible and/or raw material as conversion oil (15 17%), char (53 55%), conversion water (22 28%) and conversion gas (2 6%) , generating products with higher aggregated values in the technic-operational point of view as well as in the economic one. Taken together, the observed results indicate a perspective for this technique to be applied in industrial scale, possibiliting to the wastes generators companies a new technology with a higher aggregated value, in the financial point of view as well as in the ambiental one, since the obtained products can be used in the industrial process, substituting the natural resources with more atractive financial value and, for the ciment industries, alternative combustible with an anergetic aggregated value.
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