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Title: Adaptação estratégica organizacional : o caso da empresa "T" no período de 1990 a 2002
Keywords: Planejamento estratégico;  Desenvolvimento organizacional;  Planejamento empresarial;  Mudança;  Estratégia;  Adaptação;  Changes;  Strategy;  Adaptation
Abstract: This study describes the company T, a brazilian organization in the retailer segment of, their strategic and structural changes along the period of 1990-2002. Performing the chronological and longitudinal order of this analysis, it initiates with a description of the new tendencies observed in the retailer segment, and scenarios, it evolves through the analysis of their history, their processes, products and rendered services, evaluating the reasons of your survival and adaptation process into environment in which it is inserted. Segmenting the period studied in two others, the first comprehended between 1990-1999 and the second comprehended between 2000-2002, the author describes the changes occurred in the internal and external environment, inside national and international markets, and she traces parallels with the strategic decisions and processes implemented by the company T, modifying their dimensions and provoking internal changes. In the description of the dimensions of the company in those two periods, they consist market researches, economic and social indicators, which explain client's nature, of the vendors, of the competitors and of the barriers to what company is submitted. Basing her analysis in the different schools of the strategy, and choosing school of the configuration, establishes the conceptual bases and evaluates the nature of the strategic adaptation. Answering the matter how objective to identify how the organization comes surviving and adapting itself along time, it clarifies the because of the process of strategic adaptation lived by the company T, corresponded to the optimization and simple reaction to the forces of the external environment.
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