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Title: Estratégicas de diferenciação sob a ótica da teoria contingencial e da visão baseada em recursos (RBV): estudo de caso em uma escola de samba do Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Estratégia;  Diferenciação;  Vantagem Competitiva;  Escola de Samba;  Teoria Contingencial e Visão Baseada em Recursos;  Strategy;  Differentiation;  Competitive Advantage;  Samba School;  Contmgencial Theory and Resource-Based View
Issue Date: 30-Aug-2005
Abstract: This case study is the result of a dual subject mvestigation related to the entrepnse management, m both the samba school and strategical admmistration segments It exammes the management relevance m the operation of a carnival mstitution from the city of Rio de Janeiro, as a way to reach the strategic goals m tius sector The enterpnse strategy was used by the mstitution m the followmg levels corporative, bussmes units, functional and social responsabiity, bringing luto evidence the necessity to develop, implement and monitor the management practices that contnbute to the effective and measurable results, that can be translated luto a competitive edge The contribution of the adininistration for the unplementation of a genene strategy based on differentiation, mternally as well as for the market, is exammed under the optics of the concepts from the Modern School of Administration with emphasis on the Contmgencial Theory and the Resource-Based View, as a way to maximize the use of resources and search for a sustainable competitive advantage. To achieve this study the research carried out was qualitative, descriptive and of exploratory nature. The study was developed usmg three strategic dimensions, based on context, content and process, from Pettigrew s methodology (1987), describmg a brief history of the segment as well as the penod of management m the mstitution, between 2003 and 2005, where it obtained notable results. The analysis is divided luto two distinct phases, where a correlation bctween the contingencial approach and the resource-based was established, showmg iii such a way the influence of the externa! environment on the internal management of process, technology and people, that had served as a foundation for the assembly ofthe differentiation strategy by image. Bemg a sector m permanent evolution, it was proven, afier analysis of the results gotten through the research, the necessity of deepening the studics relative to this market segment, especially referrlng to the development of a management model that adresses the strategic goals of a samba school and can guarantee a sustainable business.
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