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Title: Simulação do transporte radial de um poluente em uma atmosfera politrópica
Other Titles: Simulation of the radial transport of a pollutant in a polytrophic atmosphere
Keywords: Problema de Riemann;  Sistemas hiperbólicos não lineares;  Simulação de poluente;  Riemann problem;  Non-linear hyperbolic systems;  Pollutant simulation
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2006
Abstract: A preliminary hyperbolic model is used to describe the transport phenomena in an environment representing an atmosphere containing a pollutant, in which the atmosphere is modeled as an ideal polytrophic gas, the pollutant is transported radially and the rate of pollutant production or destruction due to chemical reactions is accounted for. The resulting mathematical description consists of a nonlinear hyperbolic system of three partial differential equations representing mass and momentum conservation for the air-pollutant mixture and the pollutant mass balance. This system simulation is performed by combining Glimm s scheme (whose implementation requires the solution of a Riemann problem for each two consecutive steps) and an operator splitting echnique to deal with the non-omogeneous part of the hyperbolic operator, accounting not only for terms arising from the problem spherical geometry but also for the rate of production or destruction of the pollutant. This technique consists in decomposing the operator in a merely hyperbolic part (the homogeneous associated system) and a purely time evolutionary one. The numerical ethodology is illustrated by some representative results considering a spherical shell configuration.
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