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Title: Tratamento de águas residuárias, despejos industriais e efluentes sanitários sob a abordagem eletroquímica
Keywords: Águas residuais - Purificação - Eletrólise;  Meio ambiente;  Saneamento;  Esgotos;  Eletroquímica;  Eletrolítico
Issue Date: 13-Dec-2002
Abstract: Thís work has the purpose to search one more alternative for the sewage, the wastewater and / or the industrial waste treatment. In this context, taking into consíderation that the effluents discharged are turned to be more complex due to the presence of synthetic constituent parts, and consequently refractory to the conventional means of treatment, the tractability of those elements was researched under the electrochemical approach, basically focusing those waste electrolysis, the electrodes reactions, releasing coagulant agents - electrocoagulation, the floc formation - electroflocculation, and gases production responsible for the oxidation of organic and inorganic substances, as well as for the floatation process - electrofloatation. According to this presumption, we intend to recover the main electrolytic technology applied during the Iast century, revising contexts, concepts, bibliography and updated expenences, besides our own expenments. The reached results point to cheerful conclusions related to the efficiency in poliution removing, to the required area for establishment and they demonstrate a competitíve cost-beneflt relation faced to other technologies, mainly the ones that require enormous remotioris or the necessity to observe restrictive Iaws.
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