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Title: A influência dos fatores ambientais na segurança dos serviços em redes aéreas de distribuição de energia elétrica: o caso dos serviços emergenciais
Keywords: Energia elétrica - Distribuição - Medidas de segurança;  Meio Ambiente;  Acidentes do trabalho
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2002
Abstract: This work studies the conditions where the emergency services in the overhead distributions lines are realized, looking for to identify the environmental factors that contribute to the oceurrence of accidents in these activities. It presents a discussion about the traditional aspects of the analysis and investigation of accidents inducing to the breaking with these pattems, for the vast and enclose vision that helps in the identification of the several variables that contribute direct or indirectly for the materialization of the accident. The study, developed in a concessionary company of electric energy, analyzes the prescribed procedures of the work through the normative instructions for the activities and the original operative manners, developed by the own workers, face to the unexpected ones and current uncertainties of the nature emergencial of the services. The real work of the day-by-day, expressed through the narration of the critical incidents by the workers, addresses the identification of the environmental factors capable to influence safety s aspects. Was also identified the types of more common accidents related to the activity and it s correlation with the environmental factors, if constituting in an important element for the development of a prevention system of accidents for all the companies, concessionary or contracted, that act in emergency services in the overhead distribution lines of electric energy.
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