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Title: Programa de controle de perdas, com, enfoque na gestão de segurança e saúde ocupacional:uma proposta metodológica
Keywords: Segurança do trabalho;  Acidentes de trabalho;  Doenças profissionais;  Prevenção de acidentes
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2002
Abstract: The high indexes of accidents and occupational diseases that you/they happen at our country (more than a million / year), they denote the unpreparedness of our society in treatirig safety s subjects and occupational health. With the purpose of helping to reduce these indexes, and of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of our society, it tried to obtain as final result of this dissertation, a program of control of losses with focus in safety s administration and occupational health. The proposed program had aided the organizations and safety s professionals and health, in the identification, evaluation and control of the nsks. lt took place researches bibliographical and of field. In the bibliographical research, it tried to analyze a group of systems of administration of safety and health in fulI detail published in Brazil and in the world in the Iast thirty years. In the fleld research, it was verified the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration systems of some organizations that were certified or in certification roads. The four elements that compose the program of administration of safety and proposed occupational health are: venfication of registrations, auditings of the physical conditions, auditing of the equipments of individual protection and verification interview with employees. We can highlight as main relevance of this research, the preservation of the human life. The elaborated program had made possible the organizations improve the acting of their businesses, eliminating and / or to reducing direct and indirect costs of work accidents, occupational diseases, material and environmental losses, that you/they bring damage for them own, for the individual and for the society.
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