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Title: CONTRIBUIÇÃO PARA A CONSTRUÇÃO SUSTENTÁVEL: características de um Projeto Habitacional Eco-eficiente
Keywords: Política habitacional;  Construção sustentável;  Meio-ambiente;  Gestão integrada;  Ecoeficiência.;  Housing politics;  Sustainable construction;  Environment;  Integrated Management System;  Eco-efficiency;  Engenharia civil - Aspectos ambientais;  Produção civil
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2004
Publisher: Universidade Federal Fluminense
Abstract: Dwelling with quality is a need that must be satisfied without endangering the ecosystems, leading companies to assume an ethics posture of environmental valuation. The conscience of natural resources finitude and environmental degradation fomented by Construction come rousing, principally due to 5,4 millions new dwellings deficit. The environmental issue leashed to business management is not seeing as ephemeral, but as a survival requirement inside a competitive market, a community heedful to their consumers and citizens right as well as to the planet survival with its eco-systems and renewal cycles. On this context, is proposed, through an exploratory methodology and bibliographical research, planning criteria of dwelling projects with focus on sustainable construction. Arouse guided by eco-efficiency techniques and project management, showing as result the gradual reduction of environmental impacts and resources consumption intensity, to a standard , at least, close to the planet uphold capacity. Contribute to the State of the Art on Sustainable Construction, committing on characterize and give relevance, considering environmental, social and economical point of view, configuring its eco-efficiency.
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