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Title: Um modelo de avaliação de desempenho financeiro por produto ou serviço ABC/EVA/ABM
Keywords: Administração financeira;  Análise de valor (controle de custo);  Custos;  Controle de custos
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2002
Abstract: This work refers to modern verification methods for statement results which are currently being used by Global Organizations to evaluate their Management costs performance at their multiproduct environment. Robert Kaplan and Robin Cooper, CEO s from Stern Stewart & Co., are worldwide recognized Ieaders in these advanced application systems and innovated development theories. This way, more modern knowledgement are being obtained thru value based on activities (ABC) and economic value aggregated (EVA), impr.oving ways to better evaluate the companies results. One of the several reasons why this research was motivated was to define new modalities of verification of the results thru the ABC and EVA s methods.
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