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Title: Gestão do tratamento de óleos lubrificantes usados: contribuição ao atendimento à resolução CONAMA 09/03 e portaria ANP 125/99
Keywords: Política ambiental - Brasil;  Óleos lubrificantes;  Meio ambiente - Legislação;  Proteção ambiental;  Conselho Nacional de Meio Ambiente (Brasil)
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2003
Abstract: The present dissertation presents a contribution to the improvement to the Brazilian environmental legislation specific about collect and destination of used or contaminated lubricating oils. The resolution of Conama no. 09/93 and Government Decree ANP no. 125/99 constitute the base of the effective environmental legislation about adminístration of the treatment of the residue used lubricating ou. This contribution has as focus lhe improvement of these current established pattems, due to the impossibility of total attendance of the legislation, on the part of the producers of oils lubricating finishes, due to a series of national geographic and logistic factors, presented and discussed along these work. The work also investigates the different possibilities of applicatíon of used or contaminated lubricating oils and it suggests its implementation, in altemative to the rerefine that, now it is unviable for the states of the north area of the country. In the author s proposal, the located problem of collect and destination of lhe residue in lhe north area should have a local solution. This way, lhe revision of the current legislation should consider and motivate other viable applications for the used lubricating 011, for the places where there is not the rerefine.
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