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Title: Estudo do impacto dos fatores de relações humanas nas dimensões da qualidade de vida no trabalho: estudo de caso em uma empresa de prestação de serviços
Keywords: Qualidade de vida no trabalho - Estudo de casos
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2001
Abstract: This work wiIl approach, by means of a case study in a company located in Rio de Janeiro, how factors that sustain the Human Relationships in the business environment can alter the life quality in the work. The appraised factors are: organization and quallty of life, leadership, communication, motivation, atmosphere that allows the creativity, politics of administration of conflicts, safety and occupational health. To reach the objective it was made a quantitativedescriptive research in COAD (Center of Orientation, Modemization and Professional Development), embracing ali the híerarchicai leveis and departments of me company. We opted for the application of a questionnaire with closed questions. The obtained results were tabulated, analyzed and compared with the thoughts of the main authors of the area of Human Resources. The first done verification is that the Company has a high satisfaction index in the execution of the established factors, diagnosing the existence of na agreement between the factors anaiyzed and their application. There is no need of a general revision of the management of these factors that interfere in the ilfe quality in the work, the management of human resources of the Company can try to improve in some points as: the communication, the new leaders development and in the recognition and appreciation of its workers.
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