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Title: A gestão integrada e as dimensões da responsabilidade social: uma proposta de instrumento de avaliação
Keywords: Responsabilidade social da empresa;  Administração de pessoal
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2002
Abstract: This study it has for objective the elaboration and presentation of an instrument that suppiies to the organizations a possibility to evaluate the social practical extension of its, from a set of dimensions proposais. In if iooked for to correlate aspects of the integrated management with approach in the social responsibiiity, faced here, as distinguishing competitive in the surrounding incited one business-oriented. As base in the accomplishment of a bibliographical research, was looked to establish a detailed plan of work that allowed the elaboration of the cited instrument that, conformed to the principie of the attaimnent of continuous improvement, can offer to the organizations a tooi that aliows thern to evaluate the tack of the practical actions and in the scope of the social responsibility, under the optics of some dimensions. The criterion for the selection of these dimensions invoived, basicaily, the possibility of measure of the sarne ones. The happened social hashings of new leveis of reiationship send the organizations to reflect, of form each accented time more, in the necessity to assume other leveis of responsibiiity in the accomplishment of its daiiy activities. One infers, therefore, that so important how much the management for the quality, the ambient preservation and the practical politics and of occupational heaith and safety, the approach in social matters blunts in the enterprise scene, as one strategical component whose aggregate vaiue can represent survival and perpetuation.
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