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Title: Defining math teachers knowledge: discussion about examinations for elementary and secondary teachers in Brazil in the nineteenth century
Authors: Soares, Flávia
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Cantoral, F. Fasanelli, A. Garciadiego, R. Stein., C. Tzanakis
Citation: SOARES, F. S. Defining math teachers’ knowledge: discussion about examinations for elementary and secondary teachers in Brazil in the nineteenth century. In: HPM SATELLITE MEETING OF ICME 11 (HPM 2008), 2008, Cidade do México. Procedding of HPM 2008. Cidade do México: HPM/ICME, 2008. CD ROM.
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Procedding of HPM 2008 (Satellite Meeting of ICME 11)
Abstract: Educational reforms require an evaluation of all the elements which have to do with the school environment, such as students, textbooks and teachers, among others. It is common sense that a good teacher is essential to the improvement of any subject. But how can one measure the teacher’s “quality”? In Brazil, one of the conditions for the recruitment of teachers for primary and secondary public schools is the public contest. The first actions in this sense date from 1759 and substituted the religious’ classes for isolated ones given by improvised teachers, with no diploma requirement. Throughout the century teaching reforms adopted different selection processes, training and admission of future teachers. As years went by the examinations became more comprehensive, thus demanding more specific knowledge besides written and oral exams from the teachers. This text aims at discussing the teaching of Mathematics in Brazil during the 19th century through contests for teachers taken place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and raise further questions about the selection of teachers and the contents which are required in order to occupy such positions, thus providing other researchers with materials for comparisons with models originated in other countries.
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