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Title: A categora "meio ambiente" e os pescadores de São João da Barra: quando a teoria "esbarra" nas práticas sociais
Authors: Castro, Jéssica Jorge Felipe de Souza
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Dias Neto, José Colaço
metadata.dc.contributor.members: Scotto, María Gabriela
Cunha, Juliana Blasi
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Diversas foram as consequências desencadeadas pelo processo de industrialização do século XX, dentre elas a “Crise Ambiental”. Tal fato introduziu no mundo várias correntes científicas e consagrou a temática. Consequentemente, muitos foram e até hoje são os conceitos que tentam definir a categoria „meio ambiente‟, portanto, este trabalho visa a quem ele deve ser e o que deve fazer. O trabalho levou em consideração a observação de processos empíricos e as histórias de vida dos interlocutores da pesquisa.
metadata.dc.description.abstractother: The twentieth-century industrialization triggered several consequences, among them, the so-called environmental crisis. Such fact introduced the world various scientific currents and consecrated the thematic. Consequently, many were and still are the concepts that try to define the category 'environment', therefore, this work seeks to understand what are these perspectives, how they were built and where, in this context, arises the reading of the fishing class, especially in Atafona. Theory and social practices are put in evidence and encourage a discussion about the discourse of power relations and its ramifications. Thus, it can be noted that there are many "ready answers" resulting from a conservationist current of thought, which builds and regulates what should be spoken or not, what is seen as 'correct speech'. This speech is characterized as technical and hence untouchable, trying to mold, position and set the subject to whom it supposed to be and what it should do. The study takes into consideration the observation of empirical processes and life histories of the research partners.
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